Fake bills circulating in Naperville, Aurora

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Counterfeit bills that apparently came from movie sets were used to dupe unsuspecting sellers in Aurora and Naperville.

Police report several incidents over the past two months, including a 14-year old Naperville boy was given about $1,200 in fake bills when he sold shoes using the Offer Up mobile app.

The bills look very similar to the real thing except for the disclaimers "For Motion Picture Use Only," "For Video and Motion Picture Use Only" or "In Gold We Trust," according to a Facebook post by the Aurora Police Department on Monday. In a photo of one bill, it says "In Gold We Rust."

The $50 and $100 bills also have the same serial numbers.

In another incident, a downtown Aurora restaurant owner was taken for almost $200 by a man who paid for food with the fake bills and was given change in real currency.

Aurora police reminded the public that online transactions can be done at police departments for safety.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Aurora Police Department's at 630-256-5500 or Aurora Area Crime Stoppers at 630-892-1000.