Fatherhood celebrated in different ways on special day

Dads throughout the Chicago area celebrated Father's Day on Sunday.

Cyrus Patel, 39, met his daughter Charlotte. She was born Sunday morning - a week late, but the best gift her Patel could have ever asked for.

"Any day would have been a blessing, but we feel extra special today," said Patel, a first-time dad from Hinsdale. He said the significance of his new role hit him the moment he held his new daughter for the first time.

Brian Brown's daughter Brianna is now 10-months old and celebrated Father's Day by cooking his secret chicken recipe for a great cause - the annual Real Men Cook event.

"This is my fourth year participating and I wish to do this until I can't do it anymore," Brown said.

Brown and several other father's participated in the annual Father's Day event, which was co-founded by Yvette Moyo 28 years ago.

"We created this event with the idea that other father's would want a tradition for celebration for themselves and families," Moyo said.

The event was held at several locations around the Chicago area on Sunday, and cooks volunteered their time, donate the food and cook it for anyone who buys a ticket. Proceeds benefit the Real Men Charities.

Dad Freddie Randle attended the event for the first time on Sunday, and said he plans to return next year and make it an annual tradition.

"Fathers need to take back their communities, teach our young men to be men and this is what this is about," Randle said.

One of the Real Men Cook events was held on the property of the now-closed Hales Franciscan High School in the Bronzeville neighborhood. Proceeds from the event will go toward a fund to reopen the high school.
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