May-ke My Day! Parents of a baby born at 24 weeks say 'thank you' to the nurses who cared for her

In January 2018, Amy Robertson and her husband Greg rushed to the ER of Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital. They were expecting their first child - and at 24 weeks, complications arose. Amy went through an emergency C-section. Little Paige Robertson entered the world at only .92 pounds. She was one of the smallest babies ever seen at the NICU of the hospital.

Mom and Dad had nicknamed her "pineapple" before she was born. Paige spent 7 months in the NICU, and when the nurses heard of her nickname - they decorated her room in all pineapple décor! The family and nurses have bonded - and the family, comes to WCL to say thank you to the nurses who helped Paige grow and thrive.

We also have a few surprises for all of them!

The StayPineapple Hotel in the Loop heard about their story and wanted to pitch in - and all the nurses and the parents are getting an overnight staycation and dinner at the Atwood Restaurant!

Plus, little Paige is going home with some of her favorite things - Disney toys, and Macy's sent over a gift certificate for items for the family.