Proposed law would require teachers to notify parents if their child appears to be transgender

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WLS) -- Some Ohio GOP lawmakers are proposing a bill that could change the dynamic between transgender youth and their families.

Supporters of the bill say it's for the best, while others argue it could be troublesome for young people with differing gender identities, WCPO reports.

It's one thing to be transgender. It's another to be transgender without your family knowing anything about it.

Ohio House Bill 658 adds yet another layer to the "outing" process for transgender kids.

As part of the proposed law, any government entity - that includes schools, courts and hospitals - would be required to notify parents if a child demonstrates symptoms of gender dysphoria-meaning they identify as a gender other than the sex they were born as."

It's a change Chris Cicchinelli saw firsthand when his child first identified as transgender. But he believes this bill is discriminatory and creates an unnecessary burden for educators.

"Instead of worrying on the educational path of life now they're working on their gender path, now they're working on their sexuality. This is really a ridiculous piece of legislation," he said.

Equality Ohio agrees saying they're concerned the bill could limit children not just those who are transgender from exploring different opportunities.

The sponsor of the bill, Representative Tom Brinkman, defended his proposed legislation during testimony saying "parents have the right to decide what is best for their children."

Studies show LGTBQ youth are two times more likely to be homeless than their peers due to family rejection.

That's why Lighthouse Youth and Family Services believe offering support may be more effective than creating more laws.

The next legislative hearings for the bill will be held later this fall.
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