Sending the kids to summer camp? Here's what to pack

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Hello Mother. Hello Father. It's getting to be that time again - time to pack the kiddos up for sleep-away camp. At a loss on what pack? Or just want some ideas from moms and dads who know the ropes? Donna Bozzo, the author of the book "What The Fun?! 427 Simple Ways To Have Fantastic Family Fun" stopped by to give some advice on how to make your kids camp experience more fun.

Think Organization:

Pre-stamped Letter and envelopes: Want to make sure you get a letter or two while the kids are away, make it easy for them by pre-labeling and stamping envelopes.
Ziplock Bags: They come in handy when it comes to packing outfits for each day. Tip: put a dryer sheet in the bag to help with static cling and to help keep the mosquitoes away. At the end of the day, just put the day's old clothes back in the bag.

Think Waterproof:
Look for water proof shoes. PLAE makes some good ones.
Waterproof sleeping bags by Sueno.

Waterproof daypacks (Luzon Del Dia)
(Almost) waterproof beach towels: the MinxNY BeachTech High Performance Towel absorbs five times its weight in water and drys quickly.

Think Sunproof:
In addition to sunscreen, look for swimwear with at UV50+ protection like Snapper Rock.

Think Bug Proof:

Bugband Wristbands keep pesky pest away naturally.

Think Portable:
It could even mean a portable kayak if they are going to a camp where they need their own equipment. Oru Kayak makes a foldable kayak that unfolds in 5 minutes and weighs less than 26 pounds. Camp moms also swear by Crazy Creek Chairs and Eno hammocks. Both are easy to pack and store and make cabin life more fun and comfy.

Think Fun:
Camp itself is supposed to be fun, but we all know where can be lonely moments for away from home campers. Pack some things to make cabin life fun and help your little ones make fast friends like campsite games. Personalogy is a fun one. It's a laugh out loud personal trivia game. Fits right into your hand so easy to pack.
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