Chicago fertility clinics pioneer new fertility treatment for men

ByTyra Whitney WLS logo
Sunday, November 14, 2021
Chicago fertility clinics pioneer fertility treatment for men
Chicago, Illinois clinics are pioneering a new fertility treatment for men that can help couples get pregnant.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- New testing is available aimed toward helping men improve infertility problems.

The Reproductive Medicine Institute is a Chicago-based fertility clinic, and is one of the first in the country to offer non-invasive solution testing called Protex.

It allows men to collect their specimens at home using a newly designed technology to improve the quality of the sample by reducing anxiety and stress.

Diana Peninger, the CEO at Reproductive Solutions Inc., joined ABC7 to talk about the at-home treatment. She spoke about how the treatment works and the results patients are seeing.

Dr. Elena Trukhacheva, president of Reproductive Medicine Institute, based in Chicago, joined ABC7 to talk about why she decided to adopt the at-home collection method for local clinics. She also spoke about patients' results and the benefits they have seen throughout the treatment process.

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The scientific research, engineering and design behind Protex has proven to increase motility and fertilization capability 55% and up to 89% higher than a standard specimen cup, slow the cooling rate to 0.3 C per minute, increase biochemical health of sperm for all animals and humans and increase conception rates 23-36% in animals (early results in ongoing human test shows similar data).