Illinois Lottery helps players learn more about how gambling works, play responsibly

The Illinois Lottery is on a mission to improve gambling literacy in the state.

March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The Lottery launched a campaign Monday to help people make informed decisions when they play.

Independent research commissioned by the Lottery and conducted by Canadian research firm Gamres shows Illinois players tend to play responsibly, but may not have the most accurate understanding of the nature of gambling.

Gamres developed a "Positive Play Scale", which measures honesty and control, pre-commitment, personal responsibility and gambling literacy. While Illinois players scored high on the scale as a whole, they scored the lowest in gambling literacy.

So the Lottery decided to make information available on its website explaining how the games work, common myths about playing the lottery and practical tips on how to play smart.

"Our goal is to integrate smart play into every aspect of what we do, from retailer training and game design to consumer research and player education," said Harold Mays, acting director of the Illinois Lottery.

"Sixty percent of Illinois residents play the Lottery at least once every year," said Colin Hadden, general manager of Camelot Illinois, the Lottery's private manager. "We want to educate all of our players about responsible play so that playing the Lottery stays fun - that's what this campaign is all about."

To find out more about how to play responsibly, visit
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