3 men honored after saving 71-year-old fisherman from Silver Lake

WARRENVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- The DuPage County Forest Preserve District honored three men Tuesday who saved the life of a 71-year-old fisherman.

Two weeks ago, Ramon Garchitorena was standing on the Sliver Lake Blackwell Forest Preserve shore fishing, reaching for his lure, when his boots got caught in the mud, and he fell into the water.

"These guys were the right people at the place at the right time," Garchitorena said.

Tyler Line was nearby when he saw what happened.

"I saw bubbles coming from his location, from his body. He was floating upside down. I saw the top of his head," Line said.

Line sprang into action, he jumped in the water and called for help.

Alfred Cedeno and Gary Jacobs were fishing several yards away from shore, but didn't understand what Line was saying as he called for help.

"Even while he was swimming he was yelling call 911. And we thought he was saying," I'm number 1," Cedeno said. "I yell back to him, "what?" At which time, Gary said, don't talk to him, he's crazy."

"They thought that i was yelling I'm number one! They thought I was crazy," Line said.

"Then I see him pull out the gentleman and start doing CPR," Jacobs said.

Line performed CPR while Jacobs dropped the motor on the boat to make it to shore and transport emergency responders to the location.
Garchitorena regained consciousness and eventually made a full recovery.

For their efforts, Line, Cedeno and Jacobs were honored for helping to save Garchitorena's life.

"I'm glad he's here to fish another day," Line said. "I expect him to go fishing with me now."

Garchitorena said he plans to get back out on Silver Lake soon to catch more trout. He said he looks forward to spending time with his new friends.
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