Travel expert shares tips on how to handle flight delays, cancellations

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Monday, June 27, 2022
Expert shares tips on how to handle flight delays, cancellations
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Travel expert Cindy Richards shares tips on what to do for flight delays and cancellations.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- While you can't control weather, or airline staffing there are a few things you can do, to lessen your chance of delays or cancellations.

Cindy Richards, from, a family travel website, joined ABC7 with some travel tips.

At least 730 flights canceled across US on Sunday

What should travelers do who already have tickets for a flight this weekend and are worried their flight will be delayed or cancelled?

-Download the airline app so you can get faster communications

- Call the airline to see about changing to an earlier flight or a direct flight if possible

- Consider cancelling and driving if your destination is within 5 hours of home

- Don't check a bag! You won't have access to your suitcase once it's checked through to your final destination. Keep your stuff with you so you can switch to another flight or even another carrier. Or have what you need to spend the night in the airport or an airport hotel.

What should travelers do if their flight is delayed or canceled?

-Communicate every way you can - check the app and get on hold with the toll-free reservation line WHILE standing in line to talk to a customer service human at the airport.

What advice do you have for travelers who are thinking of booking a vacation flight for later this summer?

-Drive if your destination is within 7 hours of home.

-Book a direct flight, even if it means driving a few hours to get to another airport.

-Book the first flight in the morning

-Book direct with the airline, not a third-party website

-Fly in a day early if you absolutely, positively have to be someplace (like a family wedding)