1 out of 3 parents don't intend to get their child a flu vaccine this year, survey finds

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Monday, September 28, 2020
1/3 parents to skip flu shot for their kids this year
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Will your child be vaccinated for the flu? Here are the most common reasons parents gave for skipping the shot this year.

As fall begins, so does the flu season.

Even though the pandemic is still in effect, some parents are planning to skip their children's flu shots this year.

A study from C.S. Mott Children's Hospital states that one out of three parents do not plan on having their children vaccinated.

In a questionnaire taken last month, the majority of the parents said they are concerned about side effects and that it may not be as effective.

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Among the parents who will not vaccinate their children this year, one in seven say they are keeping their child away from health care sites due to concerns about COVID-19.

The other reason is the lack of recommendations from health care providers as America focuses on the coronavirus.

"Among the 32% of parents who say their child is unlikely to get a flu vaccine this year, the most common reasons include concerns about side effects from flu vaccine (42%) and belief that flu vaccine is not necessary (40%) or effective (32%)," the study found. "Fourteen percent will not seek flu vaccine because they are keeping children away from health care sites due to COVID; 9% say their child is afraid of needles or does not want to get flu vaccine."

When it comes to parents whose children got flu vaccines last year, 96% intend to have their children vaccinated again this year.

In contrast, only 28% of parents whose children didn't get the shot last year say their child is likely to get a flu vaccine in 2020.

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