Windy City Sweets offers Easter treats

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The spirit of Willa Wonka is strong at Windy City Sweets in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood.

For more than 30 years, they've been creating sweet memories that last a lifetime. The relatively small store has more than 1,500 items, but during Easter - their biggest holiday -- it's all about the bunnies.

"We make around 3,000 rabbits, the traditional milk and dark chocolate-type rabbits. It's all hand-crafted, handmade here. They're fresh," said John Manchester, of Windy City Sweets.

They also have some "rare hares" for sophisticated palates.

"A dark chocolate with espresso. We do have a dark chocolate with cherry, a milk chocolate with peanut butter, a milk chocolate and dark chocolate with almond," Manchester said.

Even a few with bacon and chocolate. But clearly, there's a lot more than just rabbits and eggs here. They cover pretty much everything in chocolate: nuts, almonds, cookies and nutter butters; pretzels of all kinds and of course truffles. There's also quite a bit of hard candy, jelly beans and some old school flavors.

"We have the nostalgic candy, the Mary Janes, the bit 'o honeys, the pixie stix the marshmallow cones the wax lips," Manchester said.

Don't forget homemade fudge and another seasonal offering - for the next week at least - chocolate-covered matzo.

"It's kind of a walk down memory lane. A lot of people come in and we hear it almost on a daily basis, when they come in and say 'I feel like a kid in a candy store," Manchester said.

Looking for chocolate bunnies or eggs? That's an easy one. They've got plenty of those.

But when it comes to the dozens of other options, then you're faced with something call "choice paralysis."

As for Dolinsky, his favorite is the chocolate toffee almonds.

3308 N. Broadway St, Chicago

EXTRA COURSE: ABC7 food reporter Steve Dolinsky talked about the unique baskets at Windy City Sweets, which can be customized for several themes throughout the year including Easter.
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Unique gift baskets at Windy City Sweets in the Lakeview neighborhood.

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