'Frozen 2': Meet the couple behind the songs your kids can't stop singing

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's already a blockbuster and "Frozen 2" is expected to bring in millions more at the box office during the holiday weekend.

ABC7's Janet Davies spoke to the husband and wife team who create those songs your kids just can't stop singing. This time around, the script is a little bit darker.

"They're a little bit older and the past is calling out to them," explained Kristen Anderson-Lopez. "And the past is going to help answer some of the questions which are the reason for writing 'Frozen 2,' which are: why does Elsa have these powers, what is she meant to do with these powers, is she where she belongs?"

"There are seven new songs," Robert Lopez said. "There are new songs for Kristoff this time. He never got a chance to really show off in the first one. We didn't realize Jonathan Groff could really sing."

"We knew he could sing, it's just Kristoff wasn't ready to sing because he hadn't found love!" Anderson-Lopez said.

Though the duo won an Oscar for their "Frozen" mega-hit "Let It Go," they say they aren't feeling any pressure this time around.

"We only write songs that we want to write, that we love to write, and it was a joy to discover through the characters what the story should be and where the songs should spring up naturally," Lopez said.

"Frozen 2" is from Walt Disney Pictures, owned by the same parent company as ABC.
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