'Ghost' job postings: How to avoid applying for positions that don't exist

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Saturday, October 29, 2022
What are 'ghost' job postings and how can you avoid them?
What are ghost jobs? Here's how to avoid submitting an application for a job the company isn't really hiring for.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- People searching online for their next job may have come across so-called "ghost" job postings.

It's a recent trend, and job seekers might not even realize they've applied for a position that doesn't really exist.

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Staffing expert Jason Wachtel from JW Michaels joined ABC7 to talk more about this.

He explained what ghost job postings are and why companies would leave postings open without trying to fill them.

He also discussed whether businesses should keep doing this trend and what job seekers should watch for to avoid "ghost" jobs.