New simulator helps officers practice use-of-force judgment

GLENVIEW, Ill. (WLS) -- New technology is helping police officers use good judgment when they must decide whether to shoot or stand down.

Sometimes police officers have a split second to respond.

A video shows a judgment-based use of force simulator in Glenview that has been operating for four months.

Cook County Homeland Security now offers training with the simulator to officers throughout county, giving the officers near real-life experience where the action altered by the officer's behavior and situations can be modified instructors.

After the exercise is the debrief, should the officer shoot or keep the weapon holstered. In other exercises, the danger can be from an unlikely suspect.

One simulation is an active shooter situation at a movie theatre; once inside, you get a 3-D experience, and you are surrounded by the encounter.

Part of the training adds real stress of the encounter. An officer from the Des Plaines Police Department said he is grateful he has never had to use deadly force and appreciates the realistic training opportunity.

Cook County Homeland Security has already trained 150 officers and is adding two more simulators to the area.

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