River Forest father and son deliver Halloween treats through socially-distant 'Candy Drop'

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Saturday, October 31, 2020
Halloween 2020:  River Forest father and son deliver treats through socially-distant mechanism called 'Candy Drop'
River Forest father and son David and Sam Zimberoff have created a motorized Candy Drop for trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

RIVER FOREST, Ill. (WLS) -- A River Forest family has come up with a creative and socially-distant way to delivery candy to trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

"It's called the Candy Drop and it's a pulley system that starts in our second floor bedroom window and goes over at tension tower to a routine pulley where the candy gets cut and drops into a cauldron below," said David Zimberoff.

And while conveniently COVID-19 friendly, this is no pandemic project. Zimberoff and his son Sam have been at it for about six years.

"In 2014 my son was no longer interested in going out trick-or-treating so I challenged him with well if you're not going to go out then let's build something together," said Zimberoff.

For the first three years, they used shutes, tubes and gutter systems but they have since amped it up by using a motor, said Zimberoff.

"What we really like is bringing joy to all the kids in the neighborhood, having the kids line up and seeing something really spectacular, as a opposed to handing out candy in a bucket is really cool," said Zimberoff.

This year's decoration also includes a vote sign.

"We decided because it's 2020 we used this as an opportunity to share that message as well," said Zimberoff.

But in the end it's all about the trick-or-treaters.

"Seeing a kid smile, seeing candy drop from the sky, it's like the thing in movies," said Zimberoff.