Protecting your home and office from the flu

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Spring is nearly here, but the flu season is still in full swing. Cold and flu season typically peaks between December and March, but there are ways to protect yourself while at home or at work.

Fresh Tech Maids, a house cleaning service in Chicago, is helping families stop the spread of germs. Tips experts say will help include opening windows to flush out airborne pathogens and changing vacuum bags to minimize the risk of air contamination. Experts say it's always important to wash your hands and replace air filters to keep the flu from spreading.

Some things you might not think about when it comes to keeping your home flu safe are sterilizing sponges, remote controls and other electronic devices, and sanitizing door handles and switches. Wells Ye, the founder of Chicago's Fresh Tech Maid Services, stopped by the ABC 7 State Street Studios to share tips to keep you from getting sick.

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