Resolutions: New year, new you, right?

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The most common resolution this time of year? The resolution to lose weight. (WLS)

It's a new year, so that means new year's resolutions.

"There is only one resolution, no resolution," said Vaibhav Mahanb. "Tell me why no resolution? I don't like resolutions"

For those of us who do resolve to kick off the New Year right, decide on all kinds of things.

"Get closer together as a family, we move around quite a bit," Andy Morgado said.

"I think I'm going to use my time more wisely," Lauren Clementi said.

The most common resolution this time of year? The resolution to lose weight.

Fitness classes are already in full swing, people dedicating their time to working out and getting fit on New Years day.

It's not easy, but experts tell us that it can happen. You just have to know where to start.

Tres Rogers used to be 242 pounds, working in the corporate world -- until he was forced to change his ways.

"Death, heartache, cholesterol, friends of mine dropping dead at early ages, high stress life, having to take care of kids, having to make money, always having the excuse that I don't have time to get in shape," said Rogers, who is now a trainer at CrossTown Fitness in the West Loop.

Rogers, 53, now has 5 percent body fat. It's all about dedication, he said.

If eating better is a goal, registered dietitian Pat Baird said it is possible and a lot easier than most people think. She suggests keeping a tech-friendly food journal.

"There are wonderful apps to do this, a food diary, I think my fitness pal is a great one, there are a ton of them," Baird said.

When all else fails, hold yourself accountable by telling your goal to someone else -- or
even better, post it on social media.

"Accountability is a very important component," Bair said. "I think telling your friends I'm gonna lose 5 pounds in the next 4 weeks is a good way to let everybody know and hopefully they will help and keep you in check."
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