Higher fees, taxes in 2016 in Chicago, Cook County

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It may be a happy new year, but your wallet won't be happy -- 2016 is expected to be more expensive.

Taxes and fees will increase this year, especially for Chicago and Cook County residents. An estimated $755 million is expected to be collected in the form of taxes and fees.

Here are highlights of the not-so-sweet 16 taxes and fees coming in 2016.

At the cash register, the sales tax in Cook County is increasing a penny on the dollar. And get ready for new taxes on e-cigarettes and ammunition.

As part of the amusement tax, Chicagoans will be paying an extra 9 percent this year for streaming services such as Netflix or Spotify.

The cost of driving will go up. An expedited driver's license will cost $75 more. Removal of a boot will now cost $100 bucks instead of $60.

Taking a taxi? Get ready for a 15 percent hike.

Garbage collection in Chicago will cost $9.50 a month. And if you want to fight back against that, it will now cost you $20 more to file a lawsuit.

The hotel tax in Chicago is climbing as well to 17.4 percent this year.

Fees to take an Uber or Lyft to the airport are also climbing by $5.

"I don't like it, I hate it actually," said Uber rider, Alex Quarberg.

However, the biggest hit will be on homeowners.

"If someone has a $250,000 home they could see an increase of up to $1,000 between property taxes and additional fees the city is looking to impose," said Kalid Baste, an accountant for Liberty Tax.

In fact, this year Chicago is seeing the largest property tax hike in the city's history.

Other fees and takes include-a building permit fee hike and a ticket reseller tax.

As for Metra riders, starting Feb. 1, monthly passes will see a $2.50 increase, and ten-ride tickets will increase by $1.75.
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