Hoffman Estates gymnast Sol Serratos pursues dream despite club foot

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. (WLS) -- A Hoffman Estates teen is beating the odds as she competes in the state meet for gymnastics after being born with a club foot.

Sol Serratos attends Hoffman Estates High School where she strives every day to reach for her dreams of becoming a gymnast.

"I always thought I wasn't going to be able to do as much as the other girls, just thought I wasn't good enough. It was always hard," Serratos said.

Serratos' passion for gymnastics started as early as the age of three, the same time when she was also being treated for a common birth defect called club foot which causes the foot to be inverted.

"Club foot is one of the most common pediatric foot deformities. Actually its one in 1000 live births, so it's actually quite common," said Dr. Haluk Altiok, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Chicago Shriners Hospital for Children.

Dr. Altiok began working with Serratos at a very young age when her family brought her to Chicago Shriners Hospital for Children for specialized care in their Motion Analysis Lab.

"Once the foot is positioned the rest is the determination, the practice, getting stronger, understanding of what her needs are to participate in gymnastics," said Dr. Altiok.

Serratos' dedication and determination took her to the state meet this year for gymnastics. An achievement that is made her and her family proud.

"It makes me really proud of myself actually because I realized I'm at the same level as other girls that don't have what I have and I've come all this way," Serratos said.

"It just proves the thought I had when she was a baby, that if you eliminate fear from the equation everything else will just come naturally and your child is going to fulfill their potential," said Sol's mom Elda Bonilla.

For this 15-year-old, this is just the beginning. She's already focused on what's next.

"I want to place in state. I'll get there one day," Serratos said.

Serratos is not only a gymnast, but she also competes in track and field and pole vault is her area of expertise.
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