Laird Plastics installs plastic barriers inside Holy Family Ministries, courtesy of 'angel donation'

CHICAGO (WLS) -- One school on Chicago's West Side is taking extra steps to protect children who started a summer science camp Monday.

Crews from Laird Plastics installed plastic barriers inside Holy Family Ministries in the North Lawndale neighborhood.

Barriers will be installed throughout the entire school before all students are slated to return to class on August 31st.

The building is now complete with temperature checks and classroom barriers in this age of COVID-19.

"We have a barrier between each student and as they are sitting, they are also protected by this extended glass," said Ron Uber, the general manager at Laird Plastics.

An anonymous "angel donation" paid for the acrylic sheets in four classrooms now, and in the coming weeks throughout the 30-room school, a trauma-designated institution critical to stability in North Lawndale.

"This has meant the world to us to be able to re-open for summer program and this has meant the world for us to know that we are going to be ready in August when school resumes," said Cheryl Collins, CEO at Holy Family Ministries.

In April, as the coronovirus crisis exploded, Laird Plastics was facing layoffs, but they innovated into the shield business. They found customers in the retail space, offices and now schools.

"We have got six at a desk or table and their little chairs and we were able to provide a barrier between that and each other," Uber said.

The donation is also paying for thermal temperature imaging equipment and PPE. The measures taken together will allow for 16 to 22 kids per classroom come the fall, which approaches normalcy.

"They will be feeling somewhat lighter and be able to re-focus on being a child and being able to learn and grow as children should," Collins said.
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