STOMP Out Bullying panel to educate students on homophobia, racism and hatred: How to watch live

Watch the 6th Annual Culture Shock Event.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2024
STOMP Out Bullying's 6th annual Culture Shock Event
Watch STOMP Out Bullying's annual Culture Shock Event.

NEW YORK -- One out of five children in the U.S. is a victim of bullying, and nine out of 10 LGBTQ+ students face harassment in schools, according to STOMP Out Bullying, the leading national nonprofit for bullying prevention.

To spark a conversation about the need to change the culture of cruelty to one of kindness, STOMP Out Bullying is hosting its 6th Annual Culture Shock Event, a livestream Culture Week Panel discussion facilitated by celebrity influencers from the media, sports, entertainment and social media worlds.

The discussion will stream live on this website beginning at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT on Tuesday, April 30.

This impactful event will also be livestreamed to schools across the country and beyond.

This year's edition will be moderated by actress Francia Raisa. Panelists will include actor Darren Barnet, actress and rapper Bre-Z, actor Mark Indelicato and actress Willow Shields

The panel is a part of National Culture Week, which provides an opportunity for young people to share and learn from each other's diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences.

The discussion will educate students on homophobia, racism and hatred and give schools a template for encouraging conversations throughout Culture Week and the remainder of the school year.

"Our goal is for them to walk away from this event wanting to connect with students who are different than they are, with no judgment or prejudice," organizers said in a statement.