28 Americans aboard missing cargo ship in Bahamas

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Saturday, October 3, 2015
el faro

The U.S. Coast Guard will continue searching Saturday morning the water in the Bahamas trying to locate an American cargo ship, the El Faro, that is missing after traveling into the eye of Hurricane Joaquin.

Search crews hovered over choppy waters on Friday as strong winds rocked the island nation with 130 mph winds.

The crew of 33, including 28 Americans, lost contact with the Coast Guard on Thursday.

The 735-foot cargo ship was heading from Jacksonville, Fla., to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The ship sent a distress notification that they had lost propulsion.

The call came hours after a dramatic Coast Guard nighttime rescue of 12 people who had abandoned a Bolivian cargo ship 51 miles north of Haiti.

"This is what we train to do," said USCG Capt. Mark Fedor. "We're gonna go and try and save lives."