IHSA to announce winter sports details at meeting next week

ByJesse Kirsch WLS logo
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
IHSA to announce winter sports details at upcoming meeting
The IHSA is planning to share more details on winter sports after a special board meeting next week.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The IHSA is expected to announce details on winter sports for high school athletes at a meeting on October 28.

The IHSA has already announced rules changes allowing certain athletes to compete for both their school and independent competitions simultaneously because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The IHSA says teens competing in the spring 2021 season, that's football, boys soccer and girls volleyball, will be able to play for non-school teams at the same time during the season from February 15 to May 1.

IHSA's summer 2021 season includes baseball softball track and field girls soccer boys volleyball lacrosse and boys tennis.

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Some high school athletes are once again bringing their fight to the governor's door, calling on him to loosen restrictions and let them play.

Those athletes will be allowed to play for school and non-school teams at the same time starting June 4.

These developments come as the Chicago Sun-Times reports that CPS plans to start winter sports on November 16, in line with IHSA's season calendar.

According to the Sun-Times, CPS is starting to come up with its winter sports guidelines, including for basketball.

Senior Sidney Kelly, who says she's a forward on Eric Solorio Academy's varsity team, is excited by that report.

"Now I know that I have to start getting back ready to play basketball so it makes me happy to know that you know," Kelly said. "CPS is kind of like working hard to me to be able to get back on the court."

In a statement, CPS said, "The district has not yet made any decisions on the possibility of winter sports and continues to plan for a variety of scenarios to ensure we are prepared for all possible outcomes. Our final decision will be made in accordance with state guidelines and informed by our close partners at the Chicago Department of Public Health who will determine if it is safe to proceed with winter sports. We are deeply sympathetic to the students athletes who we know are eager to get back on the court, and we will keep families apprised of any developments."