Own this IKEA table? It exploded and cut a man in the foot

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Friday, November 8, 2019
Fort Bend County family said IKEA glass top explodes
Do you own this IKEA furniture piece? A family said this particular ware completely exploded, cutting one person in the foot.

FULSHEAR, Texas -- A Fort Bend County family is looking for answers after their glass-top table from IKEA suddenly exploded.

Forbes McIntosh of Fulshear, Texas said he bought the "Glasholm" table from IKEA five years ago.

He says just a few weeks ago, the glass table top suddenly burst.

"All of a sudden, there was a loud explosion," he recalled. "Just instantaneously. There was glass on every square inch of the room: underneath filing cabinets, down the hallway, outside the bathroom. It completely exploded."

After the incident, McIntosh filed a report at the store, but hasn't heard from anyone.

"We felt that we had an obligation to bring it to people's attention as best we could before it caused serious injury to someone else," McIntosh said.

IKEA sent the following statement:

"We use tempered glass in our furniture, which breaks into chunks rather than shards and helps prevent injury if the glass breaks. It is in the nature of tempered glass to shatter when exposed to knocks, strikes or scratches."

McIntosh isn't alone.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has 11 reports involving IKEA's "Glasholm" product.

All of the reports mention how the glass suddenly shattered. According to the reports, no one suffered more than cuts to their hands. McIntosh said his foot was cut and he worries it could've been much worse.

"I couldn't predict it," McIntosh said. "I would never, regardless if it's IKEA merchandise or not. I would never put another tempered glass table in my house."

When asked if IKEA has ever issued a recall after the previous reports were made, the company said it has not. They also said they plan on getting in touch with the McIntosh family.