Illinois State Police announce improvements to gun license revocation process

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Following the Aurora mass shooting, Illinois State Police announced changes to the FOID card revocation process.

When Gary Martin shot five of his co-workers and five Aurora police officers, his license to carry firearm in Illinois had been revoked. But police were unaware of that information. Had they known, Martin may not have had access to a gun. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart called ISP's sweeping changes a step in the right direction.

"The state police is going electronically inform law enforcement about the people being revoked and they're going to give them data on how may guns are in people's houses, " he said.
In the past, state police would mail a notification to local law enforcement but would never follow up on if it was received.

Dart said the key change is the information about guns in people's homes. The data comes from the information a licensed gun seller give ISP when a buyer makes a purchase, although the data does not include out of state or gun shows purchases.

The new changes also include information on why a person's FOID card was revoked.

"The fact that he falsified information on an application would elicit a different kind of response than someone who administratively had a FOID card revoked because of a legal issue," said Oak Brook Police Chief James Kruger.

Even with that information, Kruger, who spoke for the Illinois Association of Police Chiefs, said police would need a warrant to search a home for guns.

In addition, Dart said many police departments don't have the resources to send officers to people's doors to check on their revoked FOID card. But law enforcement said the changes are a start.
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