Chicago African American faith leaders head to DC for inauguration prayer

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Black Illinois faith leaders head to DC for inauguration
While people are being told not to attend Biden's inauguration due to COVID-19 concerns, a small group of Black Illinois faith leaders are headed to D.C. for days of prayer.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A small group of African American ministers from Chicago are headed to D.C. for Joe Biden's inauguration.

Attending the inauguration in person is discouraged, but the delegation plans to be there in advance.

"We need to have voices of clergy courageously standing forth, more now than ever, and it just did not cross our minds to cancel this event," said Rev. Marshall Hatch, New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church.

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Pastor Hatch was at his West Side church Monday for service on Martin Luther King Day. He will be in D.C. by tomorrow.

"It is very important to have voices calling for health reconciliation, national unity and to wish the new administration well," he said.

The group will have a press conference and prayer in front of the National Cathedral, for what they are calling Saving the Soul of America.

"We wanted to bring a delegation of pastors, then we are connecting virtually in multiple cities," said Rev. Ira Acree, Greater St. John Bible Church.

Rev. Acress arrived in Washington Monday. He and other organizers hope this will bring in other faith leaders to be part of healing the nation from both the events in recent days and historic racial divides. It's about extending an olive branch and beginning the process of racial reconciliation, he said.

The organizers kept the delegation small due to the pandemic, but aim to touch hearts and minds across the country.