Cold case murder of young mother reopened; son recalls last time he saw her

Byby Elissa Harrington KGO logo
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Cold case murder of young mother reopened in Fremont
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After 35 years, Fremont police have reopened the cold case murder of a 25-year-old woman who was found dead the morning after she stepped out to purchase cigarettes.

FREMONT, Calif. -- Jamie Patino was only 10 when his mother, Kathy Miramontes, was killed. "It's been 35 years -- it's time to put this to rest," he said.

Now more than three decades later, Fremont police have reopened the case. This started when an officer assigned to cold cases tested DNA evidence and found it did not match anyone in the database -- which means the killer is either dead, lives in another country, or has never been in trouble.

Police are now re-interviewing family, friends, and acquaintances hoping to get a strong lead and make a DNA match.

"It's been 35 years, you have nothing to fear now," said Patino. "Please speak up. Let's get some closure here. Not just for me, but for my grandparents who are 88."

Patino remembers the night of March, 7, 1982. His mother left their Union City home to pick up some cigarettes.

"I had just seen her. I had just spoken to her in this very dining room, on Sunday night," Patino said, indicating to his surroundings. "And then she left to the store and she never came back."

The young mother, just 25, was found dead the next morning.

Police say someone dumped Miramontes' badly beaten body at the dead end of Chase Court next to Alameda Creek, about four miles from her home.

Patino remembers his mom as giving -- a person who would make him a birthday cake from scratch. He says even if they don't get the answers they want, he'll be okay knowing they did everything they could to try.