Organize For Little or No Money with Designer Kelly Edwards!

The New Year brings new challenges, and for some that's getting a handle on getting organized! Best known as one of the designers on "Design on a Dime" on HGTV, designer and lifestyle expert Kelly Edwards stops by WCL to give us some of her favorite life hacks about getting organized. The Joliet native shows us - it cost little to nothing to do these quick tips.

Is your closet messy - can't fold the sheets just right? Well we have the hack for you. Fold the fitted sheet as tight as you can, wrap the flat sheet around it, add pillowcases - and put it INSIDE one of the pillowcases. Keeps everything neat and clean.

Use nail-polish to identify your different keys. Most of us have extra nail polish laying around the house - put it to good use! You can color code them, or use simple designs that tell you which key is which. Much easier to find, even in poor light.


The lowly tension rod - cost - under $5.00, but oh it can do so much!

Is the space under your sink filled with stuff? Well make better use of the space with, you guessed it, a tension rod. Place one toward the top, under the sink, and hang your spray bottles from it. This not only frees up space, but makes it much easier to grab and store the spray bottles.

On a shelf, they can be placed vertically to instantly become dividers for large platters or cutting boards.

Have a lot of shoes, but don't want to spend a lot on a shoe rack? Tension rod to the rescue again. Pick a section of a small closet, add tension rods along the back in 12" intervals horizontally and hang away with your shoes!

And finally you can use it as a decorative plant hanger for your window. Get small hanging pots and hang them for a decorative touch that the plants will love!

Additional tips:

Use a plastic cereal container to hold a small garbage liner. Place in your car for a convenient place to toss trash.

And finally, we've all heard that baking cookies will help a house sell faster by giving the house a nice homey smell. Or maybe you just like to do this when company comes over. Well here's a tip to get the smell without the fuss of baking. Place vanilla in a heat resistant mug, place it in the oven and turn it on low, all the good smells without the hassle!

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