Activists call for discipline of Kenosha police officers after violent wrongful arrest at Applebee's

Wednesday's press conference came 3 years after Jacob Blake shot by Kenosha, WI police, sparking protests

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Activists call for discipline of WI cops after violent wrongful arrest
Activists are calling for the discipline of Kenosha, Wisconsin police officers after the violent wrongful arrest of Jermella English in an Applebee's.

KENOSHA, Wis. (WLS) -- The family of the man mistakenly arrested by police in Kenosha is speaking out.

The violent arrest was captured on video last month.

Loved ones are calling for action as the officers involved still have not been disciplined.

Activists condemned a family being pepper-sprayed at a Wisconsin Applebee's.

The couple's attorney said the Kenosha police officers involved in the arrest have still not been punished, nor the charges against them dropped. It is why they came out Wednesday with some high-profile allies.

It's been just over a month since an Applebee's employee captured Jermella English being forcibly detained and violently beaten by Kenosha police while holding his 1-year-old baby, Taquarius, in his arms.

On Wednesday, for the first time, he, his child and his partner, Shanya Boyd, came back to the restaurant, accompanied by their attorney and Rainbow PUSH's Bishop Tavis Grant.

"Over and over we are profiled for driving while Black, jogging while Black, now having dinner while Black," Grant said.

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The incident took place on July 20 when several Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie police officers came into the Applebee's in search of a Black man, woman and child, who they believed had escaped the scene of a nearby hit-and-run.

They were pointed in the direction of the only Black family sitting in the restaurant at that time. The violent takedown of English took place moments later.

"To throw salt on the wounds, they decide in the next step to start charging these parents with resisting arrest and obstruction of the police officers when the actual people were hiding in the bathroom," said Kevin O'Connor, with the O'Connor Law Firm.

It was the baby's maternal grandmother who got the first call for help.

"One of the waitresses called me, and I heard my daughter screaming in the background, 'Ma, help. Where's my baby? My baby! Ma' help, my baby,'" Tekesisha Boyd said.

The incident is another blemish for Kenosha, which lived through days of protests that began exactly three years ago Wednesday after a white police officer shot and paralyzed Jacob Blake during a domestic disturbance.

Kenosha police have launched an internal investigation into the matter, but declined to give any additional information Wednesday.

It's not clear if the officers involved are still on patrol or have been placed on administrative duties.