Slip-n-slides, kiddie pools put summer spin on game of kickball

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Thursday, July 23, 2015
These students put a cool spin on kickball using kiddie pools and slip 'n' slides to beat the summer heat.
Epic Student Life/YouTube

When the summer heats up, a game of kickball might not sound like the ideal way to cool down. But in this version, if you're safe, you're soaked.

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Epic Student Life, a youth ministry in Russell, Pa., documented an inventive twist on a schoolyard game they call "Kiddie Kickball." Donning bathing suits and armed with pool noodles, they used kiddie pools as bases with slip-n-slides set up in between.

Some daredevils in the group went to extremes to reach the bases in time, lunging through the air and barreling into the baby pools. Some were a little more cautious, bracing to stop as they neared the base. Despite some cringe-worthy collisions and spectacular falls, the kids seem to greatly enjoy this summer spin on the classic game.