Viral prank: Dad throws 'son' off the balcony in front of mom

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Too far? A viral prank is getting mixed reviews after a dad pretended to accidentally throw his son off the balcony and then captured his wife's emotional reaction.

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The stunt come from Roman Atwood, a well-known YouTube prankster. Atwood's young son Kane was in on the joke.

In the video, Kane is playing with his dad while dressed as Spider-Man when his mom leaves the room. Kane is switched out for a dummy, and when Atwood's wife, Brittney, returns, Atwood pretends to accidentally toss their "son" over an indoor balcony. Panicked, Brittney races down the stairs to see if her son is OK. It's only after removing the Spider-Man mask that that she realizes it was a prank.

The video has racked up more than 6 million views in just two days with viewers debating whether it was funny or if Atwood went too far.

Atwood, who describes himself as a "world traveling prankster," has been making videos for years.

Atwood and his sons were really excited about the prank, as shown in his behind-the-scenes video. That video is a little calmer: Dad tells mom he was expecting a more dramatic reaction, and mom, who has overcome the shock a bit, promises to get her revenge.

"We're all happy and everyone's safe. There was no harm done," he says in the video.

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