Take the stress out of packing with the KonMari Method

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Sunday, July 2, 2017
Take the stress out of packing with the KonMari Method
Try the KonMari Method to help take some of the stress out of summer travel by packing smarter!

Have you heard of the KonMari Method? See how this Japanese way of keeping your life tidy can help lower the stress of packing for vacation or any trip. The goals: surround yourself with only things you love or are inspirational or spark joy!

Summer Packing Hacks

Layout clothing, accessories and pajamas in order of events planned (make sure they all spark joy!). Helps you avoid overpacking

Use the KonMari folding/rolling technique to maximize space and minimize wrinkles (demonstration - clothes are lined upright and on edge)

Load clothing into packing cubes to compartmentalize (similar to a bento box). Eases the unpacking process as well. Keep the outfits in order of events planned

Delicates (bras and underwear, socks) can be stacked and layered within a packing cube or shower bag

Cover shoes into your laundry bag or a shower cap

Put a layer of plastic wrap under the cap of each travel size TSA approved liquid to prevent spillage

Keep a travel list of frequently used (or forgotten) items inside your suitcase to double check that you have everything. Includes reminders like shut off all lights, adjust AC and take out mail/trash

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