Buffalo nicknamed 'Tyson the Bison' spotted roaming Lake, McHenry counties

LAKE COUNTY, Ill. (WLS) -- An American buffalo is on the loose in the far north suburbs, but don't panic if you see her.

"Tyson the Bison" has been spotted several times in western Lake and eastern McHenry counties after escaping from a farm in September, according to the Lake County Illinois Sheriff's Office.

In a punny Facebook post, the sheriff's office wrote: "Tyson means you no 'farm!' We 'hoof' talked to the owners who are hoping for a snowfall, so they can track her and take her into 'cowstody' safely."

They're also asking residents to call police if she's spotted again.

"You won't be able to wrangle her with 'handcalfs,' and she can be a bit 'imbullsive' so if you see her, please don't approach her - you can call your local police agency, and we will call the owners for a 'smooooth' apprehension!"

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