1 in 2.1 million chance: New York couple welcomes second Leap Day baby

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Monday, March 2, 2020
NYC family welcomes second Leap Day baby in family
Kemberly Richardson has more from Coney Island Hospital.

BROOKLYN, NY -- There was a unique occurrence at Coney Island Hospital when parents delivered their second child born on Leap Day.

Scout Demchak is a beautiful 7 pounds 2-ounce newborn girl born on February 29. As rare as that is, it just so happens that Scout is not the only Leap Day baby in the family.

Scout's big brother, Omri, was born on February 29 of 2016.

One expert says the chances of having back-to-back babies born on a Leap Day is about 1 in 2.1 million!

Lindsay's due date was March 4, but Scout was not having it.

The night before little Scout made her grand entrance; the Demchak's enjoyed a dinner with family at an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn.

The parents said that it was quiet at home, and decorations were up for Omri's birthday party. Then just after midnight, Lindsay started having contractions.

"It became more serious, it wasn't a joke anymore, it's like, this is happening, I say it was the Italian food that did it," joked Dane Demchak, proud father.

As for birthday parties in the years ahead, the happy couple plans on celebrating the newest addition to the family's birthday on March 1.

"It's complicated, we'd do Omri's on the 28, since he's older and Scout's on March 1. When there is a Leap Day, we will make a big thing."

It has been a big week celebrating February birthdays. Lindsay's birthday was February 26 and her mother's was February 28, and now add newborn Scout to the mix.

The Demchak's said, "We're thankful, thankful, and grateful."