Girl's mermaid-inspired hairstyle wins school's 'Crazy Hair Day'

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Friday, March 22, 2019
Girl's mermaid-inspired hairstyle goes viral
It's a hairstyle that any fan of the "The Little Mermaid" would absolutely love.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A little girl's extravagant hairstyle is getting her a lot of attention in class and online.

Houston's own Atlantis Castillo needed something different for "Crazy Hair Day" at school, and her mother came up with an over-the-top win.

Atlantis' hair was braided to resemble the Little Mermaid character Ariel,

The hairstyle featured a brightly-colored braid that resembled a creative mermaid tail. It even had a real-life Ariel doll on the top.

Teachers and students at Clear Lake United Methodist Church preschool were stunned by the imaginative take on this movie favorite.

Mermaids are more than just a fad for this family. Atlantis' sister Ariel shared the photo online, where it quickly found fans around the world.

She told ABC13 the girls have grown up loving mermaids, thanks to their mother's creativity and 'under the sea' obsession.

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