Pittsburg students inspired by Lizzo song 'Truth Hurts' appear on 'GMA'

ByAmy Hollyfield via WLS logo
Friday, November 8, 2019
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"Good Morning America" turned a second-grade classroom in the Bay Area into a mini TV studio to broadcast their positive message to the country.

PITTSBURG, Calif. -- "Good Morning America" turned a second-grade classroom in the Bay Area into a mini TV studio this morning to broadcast their positive message to the country. The students and their teacher have been trying to process this big moment.

"I always tell them that they are famous but when I say that it is like just their parents watching their videos. So we pulled down a map yesterday and I was explaining to them who is watching these videos and I got overwhelmed. I was like Oh My Goodness. This is big. We are really in shock- all of us,"said teacher Dorothy Mallari

Mallari changed the lyrics to the Lizzo's song "Truth Hurts" and taught it to the kids. They perform to start everyday with positive energy. Even Lizzo saw the video and said it was the best thing she had seen that day.

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The song went viral after it was posted on Pittsburg Unified School District's Facebook page.

"GMA" did a segment with the kids and Mallari this morning which included a video from Lizzo herself.

"Hey kids, It's Lizzo. I saw the wonderful video that y'all made. Your teacher is very cool," Lizzo said in a message played on "Good Morning America." "I wanna thank you so much for supporting me and I wanna let you know that you are 100% the future," Lizzo said.

The kids said it was a cool experience.

"It was fun and really exciting and kinda nervous," said second grader Romont Taylor.

The bright lights of fame may be fun, but this dynamic teacher says don't worry. She's staying in the classroom where she knows she belongs.

"There's nothing else I would rather be doing. I think about other jobs but nothing beats teaching at all," Mallari said.

The students received a special message Friday from the singer herself.

The kids love it too. "It makes me feel happy in the morning and makes us feel loved," says second-grader Hayden Wiebe.

"When we sing the song we forget about all the bad things that happen," added classmate Jose Lana.

"Sometimes personal life gets crazy and as soon as we sing that song it's like a time for us to exhale, be in that moment and feed off each other's energy." said Mallari.

Dorothy thinks the second graders understand how widespread their message is -- she got a map to show them that people as far away as Africa saw the video and reacted to it.

Watch the full interview on Good Morning America.