Freeform's 'Love in the Time of Corona' shows real-life couples managing pandemic

BySandy Kenyon OTRC logo
Saturday, August 22, 2020
'Love in the Time of Corona': Real-life couples manage COVID pandemic
Sandy Kenyon reports on the new Freeform show "Love in the Time of Corona."

NEW YORK -- Hollywood is slowly getting back to work amid the coronavirus pandemic, but while much of production was shut down this summer, a show on Freeform found a way to tell stories about "Love in the Time of Corona."

It was done while still observing social distancing and rules of quarantine.

As they used to say in Hollywood, "Love in the Time of Corona" is ripped from today's headlines: a limited series designed to reflect the times in which we all live.

Shooting in the time of corona required outside-the-box thinking.

"Hamilton" star Leslie Odom, Jr., and his real-life wife Nicolette Robinson co-star in the series.

"We all had to wear many hats as a crew," Robinson said. "I mean,we were our own hair and wardrobe, and my sister who's a licensed therapist was moving the camera for us."

Their scenes were filmed in their real home, and blurring the line between work and play has been a challenge for many working remotely during these tough times. But Robinson said communication is the key.

"I think communication and respect and just listening to what your partner needs," she said.

Odom observed that working together actually proved beneficial to their relationship.

"We've been together 12 years, and we found a new life as friends," he said. "We were able to really bring a lot of that history and a lot of the things we learned to this show."

"Love in the Time of Corona" premieres Saturday night, August 22, on Freeform.