Congressman Bobby Rush holds Town Hall to address reports of missing mail

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Congressman Bobby Rush holds Town Hall to address reports of missing mail
The pandemic has many people asking, "where's my mail?"

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Neighbors in Chicago's Dunning neighborhood said they want consistent US Post Office mail delivery.

Susan Carter said when mail is delivered, it comes late and sometimes it's not even theirs.

"I think it's horrible and I think the system fell apart and they don't care about us," Carter said.

"All that stuff that's important to you, it may be going to someone else," Sarah Whiteside said.

"You know, if your miss a day or two, alright. But, you start to miss five days and you wonder what's going to happen," Lou Mantell said.

Residents in Auburn Gresham said they are also trying to get mail at the Auburn Park Post Office after they'd gone weeks without mail.

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Last week, the Chicago spokesman for the US Postal Service said mail was being delivered without disruption to the neighborhood.

That neighborhood is in Congressman Bobby Rush's District.

"In a crisis situation in our district crisis situation in our city," Rush said.

Rush is among those missing mail.

He said problems with USPS deliveries have been an issue around Chicago for a couple of years, but during the pandemic his office has gotten more complaints.

He said he is most concerned about seniors getting medications.

"Their very lives depend on a reliable, robust delivery system and we can't settle for anything less," Rush said.

Rush is hosting a Town Hall Tuesday night to document complaints about US Mail service.

The Congressman said he met with USPS representatives, and plans to take what he hears Tuesday evening back to the US Postal Service administration.

In the meantime, some residents around Chicago are still wondering if they can depend on getting their mail.