Man steals can filled with college tuition savings from New York bodega

NEW YORK -- A family-owned bodega in the Bronx was ripped off by a thief who stole a large tin can filled with thousands of dollars. It was money that a mother was saving little-by-little to pay for the college educations of her daughters.

The money reflects two years of work, and of long days in Belinda Agyare's store in Morrisania.

"I was just saving money for my kids," she said.

The suspect went into the store and distracted the woman behind the counter - and it eventually works. While the woman's back is turned, he eventually stole the jar.

Agyare is hoping someone will recognize the man - and the purple shirt he was wearing. She is also hoping that if police catch the suspect soon enough, the family can get some of their money back. Trust, however may take a little longer.
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