Saint Sabina Church holds MLK Day service to advocate for voting rights, gun control

ByMaher Kawash WLS logo
Sunday, January 16, 2022
Saint Sabina Church holds MLK Day service to advocate for voting rights, gun control
Father Pfleger held a MLK Day service to advocate for voting rights and gun control on Chicago's South Side.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A service of celebration and remembrance for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. happened at Saint Sabina Church Sunday.

The church was packed with people to honor him and push for action.

"I think it's important that we not only remember him and celebrate who he was but we carry on the fight," said Father Michael Pfleger.

Parishioners took in the celebration, and said it's critical to be in church on the holiday and remember what King did for everyone.

"MLK Day is for all people and for the rights of all, so it's always important to honor those who have sacrificed so much for us," Mrs. Lyons, a parishioner.

Lyons said there's one thing she particularly loves about this service.

"Gospel, always the gospel," Lyons said. "Gotta give praise to the Lord at all times. It's the only thing that's gonna make the world better."

Pfleger also used Sunday's service to urge parishioners to push for changes in legislation and advocate for voting rights and stricter gun laws.

"Let's not just have a holiday," Pfleger said. "What're you doing with your life to make this world better."

Dr. Marc Lemont Hill also spoke at the service. The professor from Temple University has a long history as a social justice activist and organizer.

"It's a beautiful really overwhelming moment for me," Hill said.

He and Pfleger reminded others that MLK Day is more than just a holiday.

"The work is unfinished," Hill said. "We have so many challenges in front of us that are considerable but the work is doable."