'Marvel's Hero Project' to feature 11-year-old Roanoke Rapids boy's activism

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Thursday, November 7, 2019
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An 11-year-old boys activisim to create a child intake room at a North Carolina medical center caught the eye of Marvel Comics.

ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. -- 11-year-old Elijah Lee of Roanoke Rapids is set to be featured in an upcoming episode of 'Marvel's Hero Project' on Disney+.

Elijah, who has organized marches against child abuse, is now raising thousands of dollars for Halifax Regional Medical Center to create a pediatric safe room.

"I learned more and more and more about how children can make a difference. And that hurting a child is just not right. And when you hurt a child you take away their innocence," explained Elijah.

When he was in the first grade, he learned a classmate was being abused but did not know what to do. A few years later, when he was in fourth grade, he started the march.

"It's a really hard issue to talk about," Elijah said.

To do that, he met with Chuck Hasty, then-serving as Roanoke Rapids Police Chief.

"I was surprised that a man this young had a passion to do something for his community, to do something with his friends, and make a difference in this world," said Hasty, now a captain with the Enfield Police Department.

Elijah set up a GoFundMe to raise $3,000 for Halifax Regional Medical Center, to create a pediatric safe room. Currently, the hospital does not have any designated room for this purpose.

"Because now we are here to protect you. And that's what I think a hospital really embodies - the protection and healing of someone," Elijah said.

"This actually will help create a space that is warmer and friendlier for that child," said Jason Harrell, the Vice President of Patient Care Services at Halifax Regional Medical Center.

With the fundraising total already hit, the hospital hopes to complete the room in early-2020.

Elijah's overall activism caught the attention of Marvel, which created an episode of their new series about Elijah, and created a comic in his image. Recently, Elijah went to New York City to meet with the Marvel team, and learn more about the show.

"(My hope is) for other kids be inspired, to say - you can do these things too," said Elijah.

"It is so refreshing to actually have a young man with this kind of passion, as young as he is, to help other kids develop their own passions and their own causes," said Harell.

Elijah's episode will be available on November 15th, three days after Disney+ launches. To donate towards Elijah's fundraiser, click here.

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