Marty McFly and Doc Brown time-travel from 1985 to 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Ever wonder how Marty McFly and Doc Brown would react if they saw the real 2015? That's exactly what happened on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday.

Completely in character, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd landed their DeLorean time machine on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live to celebrate that Wednesday was the day their characters visited in Back to the Future II.

It turns out the Doc is none too impressed with the way we live now, even after he was introduced to smartphones.

"It's a tiny supercomputer," he said. "This must allow astrophysists to triangulate complex equations in real time."

"That's not really what we use it for," Kimmel explained. "Mainly we use it to send little smiley faces to each other."

In the end, the Doc concludes that he and Marty accidentally traveled to an alternate 2015 where evolution was brought to a halt by "superflous technology."

While Doc went back to the past to fix the space-time continuum, Marty -- now back to being Michael J. Fox the actor -- stuck around. He even showed off the self-tying shoes that Nike sent him.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live Brooklyn special continues all week.
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