Michael Scott, Jr., Candidate for 24rd Ward Alderman

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Candidate Full Name: Michael Scott, Jr.

Office: 24th Ward Alderman

Email Address: Citizensforscott@gmail.com

Web Site: CitizensforMichaelScottJr.com

Campaign Name: Citizens for Michael Scott, Jr.

Campaign Office Mailing Address: 3227 W. Harrison St.

Phone: 773-565-4856

Survey Questions (Character limit of 2,000 per response)

1. What is the most important issue that you will address in your ward?

Economic Development is the most important issue that I will address in the 24th ward. I intend to create a viable chamber of commerce in North Lawndale, which will help grow small businesses and create jobs throughout the city. I also plan to work in conjunction with the Chicago Park District to produce a program (that I will describe in more detail upon election) that will not only create onsite job opportunities but will also likely spur small businesses in the surrounding area. I would also work with other elected officials to create business corridors along Ogden Avenue and Roosevelt Road.

2. What are your plans for helping fight crime in your ward?

Education and economics lead to a reduction in crime. If you are better educated, you have better opportunities and a better economic base which ultimately results in a reduction of crime. Having more officers on the street would be extremely instrumental in crime reduction as well. I would recommend that these additional officers be recruited directly from the community so that they may have better insight and knowledge of the communities in which they serve. The new officers should also walk their beats to become more familiar with the residents. I would also suggest providing officers with additional training in deescalating situations with reduced levels of force.

3. What, if any, city assets would you consider privatizing to raise money?

I do not believe any more city assets should be privatized.

4. Do you support or oppose the vote to increase the minimum wage in several steps to $13 an hour by 2019?

I support an increase in the minimum wage, but we must be mindful of the burden this places on small business. Bottom line, if people have more money they spend more money which is great for the economy.

5. Are you in favor of Chicago's Red Light Camera program?

The controversy around the red light program derives from it being touted as a public safety measure as opposed to a revenue generating tool. The City is in need of alternate revenue generating sources. I believe the messaging should change to reflect its actual intended purpose.

Michael Scott, Jr.

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