'Amsterdam' star Mike Myers credits Chicago improv teacher for movie successes

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
'Amsterdam' star Mike Myers credits Chicago improv teacher for movie successes
Comedic actor Mike Myers opens up about his upcoming movie "Amsterdam," and who he credits for some of his famous skills.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Amsterdam" is a new movie opening this week, with lots of secrets, suspense, and plenty of laughs.

The movie centers around three friends that are being framed for a murder they witnessed. Along the way, they end up dealing with some cagey characters as they try to get out of this mess!

"Amsterdam" features an all-star cast, including Mike Myers, who plays a unique character named Paul.

"He's a helper character, you know what I mean," Myers said. "He is a catalyst character, and he's a mentor character."

Myers was inspired by the writer-director of the film to play this role to his best.

"I love David O. Russell, both as a human being and as a director," Myers said. "He made me feel I could walk through walls, walk on fire, that there's nothing I couldn't do. He wanted to have these two characters that are mysterious, that seem to know everything, but you don't know why."

Myers credits his improv skills to someone here in Chicago. Myers said he learned the trade of improv from legendary comic actor and teacher Del Close.

"Because of Del, I went, 'Oh I can play the guitar,' because of Del, I can paint, 'Oh, I can make poetry,'" Myers said. "Del Close was a genius for me Gilda Radner, Bill Murray."

During his time in Chicago, Myers also developed a love for Chicago hockey.

"I also love the Chicago Blackhawks and that whole organization," Myers said. "The original six teams, anyway, I digress."

Amsterdam debuts in theaters everywhere Thursday.

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