Chicago Cubs, White sox fans, players worry over rising coronavirus cases, future of season

'Hopefully this is something quick. Hopefully there is able to be a fix,' Kyle Schwarber said

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Monday, August 3, 2020
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Chicago Cubs and White Sox fans and players are worried about rising COVID-19 cases in the MLB and the future of the season.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- COVID-19 concerns were growing Sunday in professional sports, as more Major League Baseball players are testing positive for the virus.

This comes as the Chicago Cubs and White Sox are both showing early signs of success.

America's pastime is in jeopardy this season. Dozens of MLB players and team staff have tested positive for COVID-19.

"As a season-ticket holder, this has been a very up-and-down season," Elle Ullum said.

The cases are causing games to be postponed and schedules to be shifted. The weekend series between the Cardinals and Brewers was suspended after members of the Cardinals organization tested positive.

"I just don't think we have enough protocols, and teams that are traveling can do whatever they want," MLB fan Mike Suter said.

Ullum said the Cardinals' and Marlins' issues with COVID-19 confuse her.

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"It is hard to look at what's going with the Cardinals and the Marlins and really understand why this is going on and why they don't understand the importance of keeping a bubble," she said.

The Cubs are scheduled to head to St. Louis this week.

"I would imagine we aren't playing those games this weekend, but I can't really speak to that," Cubs pitcher Jon Lester said. "That's my opinion. Maybe there is a way where we flip the schedule around and we are playing somebody else."

Baseball fans were hopeful when the 60-game season kicked off last month, but now they're becoming worried that it could soon be over because of the pandemic.

"These people have families. I have a family. You have to do what's best for society," Suter said.

MLB fan Bill Rush was also worried.

"The NBA got the bubble, and MLB is playing in their home stadiums. It's hard. How do you stay safe?" he said.

Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber hoped the season would continue on.

"I think it would just be a disappointment to have the season cancel once we get this thing going," Schwarber said. "Hopefully this is something quick. Hopefully there is able to be a fix."