Morris High School Board votes to change mascot name from Redskins

Morris High School sports teams' new name not yet decided

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Morris HS mascot will no longer be Redskins after board vote
A vote to change the controversial name of Morris High School's sports teams had been delayed several times before.

MORRIS, Ill. (WLS) -- Morris High School is going to change its mascot.

The school in Grundy County is currently known as the Redskins, but on Monday night, the board voted six to one to adopt a plan to eliminate the Redskins name and logo.

A vote to change the controversial name of Morris High School's sports teams was delayed in early November for at least the second time after elected officials lamented the lack of a detailed plan for the day after such a decision.

School board member Mike Wright said the board had a responsibility to "set up policy," which they did not yet have outlined late last year.

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Before the delay there were impassioned pleas to drop the symbolism during public comment.

Research says names like this one hurt young Native people, and lead to stereotyping and dysfunction.

"You have the fact-based empirical research that shows the harm that's caused to native youth and the prejudices that are instilled in non-native children," Morris resident Ted Trujillo said.

"I realized it isn't up to me to determine whether someone should be offended by something or not," Morris High School English teacher Diana Gogerty said. "If it is offensive to Native Americans, it's offensive."

Others defended tradition before Monday's vote, saying the imagery is offered with reverence. One parent lamented the time spent worrying over the name and mascot, while others insisted that the public still wanted the name due to its heritage.

A new mascot has not yet been chosen.