Man pinned by CTA train rescued by other passengers

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A man pinned between a CTA Red Line train and the Morse station platform was rescued Friday afternoon by fellow passengers.

"I watched nearly about dozen people literally pushing a CTA car away from the platform to have a gentleman's leg removed that somehow slipped," said witness Craig Gernhardt.

The man was conscious but hurting when paramedics arrived to the North Side CTA El station, he said. The man was listed in good condition Friday evening.

The people who rescued the man were men and women, of various races, who afterwards simply walked away, Gernhardt said.

"Today was a special day in Rogers Park," he said.

Gernhardt said he could hear the man screaming.

"I was down the street, it was pretty loud screaming," he said. "A gentleman, after they brought him down street level, on the stretcher he looked like a 30-something guy extremely in pain."

Watching the rescue is something memorable, Gernhardt said.

"This is what Christmas time, and every time, should be all about ... helping each other and a bunch of CTA riders who jumped to action," he said.
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