Animal shelter advises on how to acclimate dogs to newborns after baby killed

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Dogs that killed newborn euthanized
BARC advises parents on how to acclimate dogs to newborns.

HOUSTON -- BARC euthanized two dogs on Monday that mauled a two-month-old baby over the weekend.

Investigators released new details on Monday. Houston police said that on Saturday afternoon the baby, Michael Obregas, was inside of a secured room. Officers said somehow one of the family dogs was able to push open the door and attack Michael.

Investigators said one was a giant schnauzer and the other was a lab. The child died.

Both parents were questioned and released.

They have not been charged.

BARC cautions that any dog, any size or breed can bite, which is why they say it is crucial to take precautions with a newborn.

"A newborn baby is a new situation for everyone, not only for the family but also for the family pets and so it's important to keep in mind that these pets are also adjusting. No pet is immune from potentially biting or attacking any family member for that matter," said Ashytn Rivet of BARC.

Rivet said a dog can attack for any number of reasons.

"When a new baby is introduced into a family home, family pets are making an adjustment to this new situation in their home and if these pets had never been exposed to babies, they may not differentiate them between humans or other objects that are making an interesting noise or something that's so unfamiliar to them," said Rivet.

The Humane Society has some tips on how to get pets acclimated to newborns.

1.Get your pet used to the noises babies make. For example, play a recording of a child crying or squealing.

2.Encourage friends with infants to visit your home. This can help your pet get used to babies.

3.Once the baby is born, have someone take something with the baby's scent, like a blanket, to your pet.

4.Also, put up gates or any barriers to keep the dog out of your baby's room.