Downstate family fighting to keep 2 pet deer they saved as babies

BENTON, Ill. -- A downstate Illinois family is fighting with the state to keep their two pet deer they saved.

Dude and Jude have been living with the Crawford family since they were rescued from the wild as babies five years ago.

The problem is state law allows people to keep deer as pets, but only if the animals are bought through a licensed breeder.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is demanding the Crawford family turn the deer over.

"I cried," said Rhonda Crawford. "We've all been kind of really upset, the kids have been upset, not knowing whether were gonna wake up and they're gonna be taken from us."

The Crawfords have started an online petition in an effort to keep Dude and Jude. As of Friday afternoon, more than 130,000 people have signed it.