2nd day of ESPN violence panel inspires young fans

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On the second day of ESPN's violence panel in Chicago, more big name athletes stopped by to talk about police, guns and violence. (WLS)

On the second day of ESPN's violence panel in Chicago, more big name athletes stopped by the Southside YMCA to talk about police, guns and violence.

While Leah Norwood, 10, looks up to gymnasts like Gabbie Douglas and Simone Biles, she said her mom urged her to listen to some other athletes talk about violence. It's a topic she can't avoid living in Chicago.

"It sounds like Chicago's a dangerous city when actually it's a pretty good city. It's just some people want to kill other people, and I don't like that," Leah said.

ESPN held a second day of discussions at the Southside YMCA with athletes, activists and academics. The concept of "The Undefeated" was to allow athletes be part of the solution by influencing to their young fans.

"I'm their age, so they can be able to look up to me and say, if this man at his age has a clear conscience, why can't I look up to him," said Jabari Parker, a Milwaukee Bucks player from Chicago.

The discussions both days were among adults, but some students from Perspectives Charter School were in the audience Friday.

"Any adult can be like, this is the issue and this is how we fix it. But until they come into areas where the violence is most high and take action, then it's just talk," said Montrel Kennedy.

The teens said this is a step, but they are trying to be part of the solution by organizing peace events for teens.

"It's time for us as young people to come together and stop fighting one another. And I think we need to take initiative," said Lahannah Giles.

"Now people have to take action. That's all it comes back down to is taking action. Take initiative. Be about it instead of just talking about it. Because it's easy to just come on the show and say what needs to be done, but it's another thing to actually come out and do it," LaMourice Shepard said.

As the ESPN crews wrap up, there are plenty of kids outside the YMCA that may not have been on TV, and are already doing the right thing.
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